Nurturing one child at a time


Our new school, KinderHaus Montessori, was established by Kalpana Gananathan in 2020 in Richmond Hill, Ontario. However, we have been operational since 1997.

The seed to our humble story was sown in 1996 in a casual conversation between Sujata Kanianthra and Laurie Chapman – two classmates at the Foundation for Montessori Education.  The two friends founded the original school in 1997 at the Blue Hills Child and Family Centre on Bloomington Road West and called it Bloomington Montessori.  Six years later, in 2003, the school was moved to 17 Church Street, in the heart of downtown Aurora, just across from the Aurora Public Library and they named it Church Street Montessori. And, over the years, we have nurtured hunderds of precious little ones in our Aurora location.

A chance meeting of Sujata, Laurie, and Kalpana happened when Kalpana walked into Church Street Montessori as an AMI practice teacher in 2007.  Little did the three of them know that their similar personalities, love for children, and their passion for children’s education would eventually blossom into Kalpana taking over the school when Sujata retired in June of 2013.  Kalpana led Church Street Montessori since 2013.

Years have rolled by and Laurie continued with Kalpana for seven more years to nurture our children at the Church Street location.  In the Summer of 2020, when Laurie finally decided to retire and the building was sold to a new owner, Kalpana decided to merge the school with the newly found KinderHaus Montessori at this serene Oak Ridges location in Richmond Hill.

Ever since the beginning, children from ages of 2.5 years to 6 years have embellished our school with their presence. We have now added a toddler classroom to KinderHaus and are looking forward to having children from 18 months to 6 years grace our school.  Our newly renovated bungalow home with a beautiful backyard is ideal for all our children to learn, socialize and play in a home-like environment.

Come experience the little haven we have created for them. We are sure they will be thrilled to be here. And so will we.


Observing a classroom is important for understanding the learning environment and how we encourage each child towards learning through sensorial exploration and self-discovery.  Watching the teacher-child interactions will also enable you to assess the skills of our teachers and our commitment to the Montessori method.

We understand the importance of observing a classroom in action in selecting a school for your children.  We will make every effort to accommodate your visit.  Please contact us to book a tour and arrange for an observation of our learning environment.

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Nurturing one child at a time
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