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Kalpana Gananathan, B.A. (Economics), AMI Montessori Diploma
Founder, Administrator, and Casa Directress

Prior to moving to Canada in 2003, Kalpana was a senior marketing executive in the tourism industry in India. Inspired by her aunt, an AMI-trained Montessorian, she got her Montessori Diploma from AMI in 2007. She has been a Casa Directress since then.

As chance would have it, Kalpana walked into Church Street Montessori in 2007 as a student-teacher as part of her AMI diploma. She maintained her relationship with both founders of the school that made their bond stronger over the years. With her profound love for children and her making a difference in their lives combined with her belief in the Montessori pedagogy, she took over the ownership of Church Street Montessori in 2013. Kalpana founded KinderHaus Montessori in 2020 and moved the operations from Aurora to the present location in 2021.

Her two children are Montessorians. She loves to travel, blog, write poems and short stories. Kalpana holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Montessori Diploma in teaching from AMI (Association Montessori Internationale).

Christine McNamara, B.A. (Foreign Languages), AMI Montessori Diploma
Casa Assistant

Christine McNamara hails from Barbados. She met Kalpana in 2006, while they were both pursuing the AMI Montessori diploma. The two had an instant bond and since then, have both continued to support one another’s love for Montessori.

Christine’s energy and vivacious personality are infectious to both children and adults alike, along with her passion for teaching the future of our world. She enjoys keeping fit and active, traveling, teaching French, learning anything new, and spending quality family time with her husband and two young Montessori children.

Christine has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Languages (French, German and Spanish) from Bishop’s University, Quebec as well as a Diploma in teaching from AMI (Association Montessori Internationale).

Anukriti Dua Ambwani, BBA, AMI Montessori Diploma (Infant & Toddler), AMI Montessori Diploma (Casa)
Toddler Directress

Anukriti (Anu) Dua is an empathic and caring Montessorian who is passionate about nurturing children 0-6 years of age. Her passion and love for nurturing children drove her to obtain two AMI Montessori diplomas specializing in educating both 0-3 and 3-6 year age children.

Anu is originally from India but has lived in Netherlands, Switzerland, and Belgium before moving to Canada in 2020.  With her international experience, she understands the unique developmental needs of toddlers and is an expert at nurturing them. She is inspired by the capacity of young children to learn and the huge difference we can make by providing them the right care that meets their developmental stages. She is thrilled to be leading our toddler classroom.

While Montessori consumes most of her time, she loves to spend time with her young daughter, read books, travel, explore different cultures, go for nature walks, and meditate.  Anukriti holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Pune University, India.  She also holds an AMI Montessori Casa Diploma from Munich, Germany, and an AMI Montessori Infant and Toddler Diploma from Haarlem, Netherlands.

Parastoo Zibaradrad, BA (English Translation), ECE Diploma
Toddler ECE

Parastoo Zibaradrad has over 10 years of experience working with children. She loves children and understands that every child is unique and has their learning style, and to bring out their capabilities fully, they need to be nurtured individually. When she moved to Canada, her passion for working with children drove her to obitain her diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE). While Parastoo’s background is ECE, her approach to nurturing children aligns so well with the Montessori way.

In her spare time, Parastoo enjoys spending time with her young daughter. Parastoo is an active person who enjoys cooking, baking, gardening, and making crafts. She loves to incorporate these elements into her classroom, making learning more fun and enjoyable for her children.

Parastoo holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE) from Seneca College. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Translation from Iran.

Lida Kashani, B.A. (Fine Arts), AMI Montessori Assistant Certificate
Casa Assistant (Supply)

Lida Kashani has been nurturing children at art camps with the Town of Richmond Hill for many years. She has also been teaching art in many Montessori schools in the Toronto suburbs. Her love for children and for art complement one another.

Ms. Kashani was a valuable part of our team at Church Street Montessori for many years. After a couple of years of break from work pursuing her love of art, Lida has decided to rejoin us at KinderHaus and we are thrilled to have her back in our classroom. In her spare time, Lida loves to read and garden.

Lida holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts as well as a Montessori Assistant Certificate from the Association of Montessori Internationale (AMI).

Nicola Tideman, Honours B.A. (Fashion Design), AMI Montessori Assistant Certificate
Casa Assistant (Supply)

Nicola is originally from the UK. Her desire for children to have a strong emotional foundation led her to train as a Children’s, Youth, and Family Life Coach.

She met Kalpana and Christine in 2014 when she enrolled her daughter in Church Street Montessori, where she saw the beauty in Montessori education and was amazed at how well regulated and independent her daughter became in just a few months. She fell in love with the Montessori philosophy of educating the whole child – Body, Mind, and Spirit – because it is aligned so well with her heart-based training to honour the whole child. This led her to become involved with our school and pursue her AMI Montessori Assistant certification.

Nicola has three children, and they love being outdoors in nature, enjoying all of the seasonal activities. They are avid skiers and campers! Nicola loves expressing her creativity through writing and the arts. Nicola holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design, ICF approved Kids Coaching Connection Certification and an AMI Montessori Assistant Certificate.

Daniela Ferrante, Honours B.A. (Phil), AMI Montessori Diploma
Administrative Advisor and Casa Consultant

Ms. Ferrante is an AMI-trained Casa Directress with over 17 years of experience. She has taught in a number of Montessori schools in the Toronto area and for the past 9 years, she has served as a Vice-Principal and Supervisor of a reputable AMI Recognized school.

Daniela loves to be occupied. She has been a tutor for children of various ages, a camp counselor, and an ESL teacher in Italy. With her compassion and love for children, she has also volunteered her time for missionary work in an orphanage in Albania. When she is able to find the time, she likes to keep fit and enjoys lifting weights. She also loves to travel and spend time on beautiful beaches around the world.

Ms. Ferrante holds several educational qualifications. She has an Honours BA (HBA) degree in Philosophy from York University, holds an AMI Montessori Primary Diploma, and is currently pursuing her Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE) designation. She was also awarded a certificate in Practical and Applied Ethics by York University.

Sujata Kanianthra, B.A. (Economics),
AMI Montessori Diploma (Co-Founder, Church Street Montessori)
Business and Curriculum Advisor

Sujata began her career in the hospitality industry in India. When she moved to Canada, she started in the banking sector but, as destiny would have it, a conversation with a customer sparked her interest in Montessori. Sujata met Laurie during her Montessori training at AMI and the pair started Bloomington Montessori in 1997. Together, they shaped the lives of adorable children in Aurora, until Sujata retired in 2013.

Although Sujata is currently pursuing her interest in cooking, she continues to passionately advise us on administration, curriculum, and other matters. In addition to her Montessori Diploma from AMI, Sujata holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Calcutta, India.

Laurie Chapman, B.Sc. (Life Sciences), B. Ed.,
AMI Montessori Diploma (Co-Founder, Church Street Montessori)
Business and Curriculum Advisor

With a B.Sc. and a B.Ed. from Queen’s University in Kingston, Laurie Chapman began her career as a French, science, and mathematics teacher in the public system. Several years later, she visited the Montessori classroom in her daughter’s school. Amazed by the inner discipline of these young children, Laurie fell in love with the Montessori philosophy and obtained her AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) diploma the following year.

Shortly thereafter, in 1997, Laurie founded Bloomington Montessori with her fellow AMI classmate, Sujata Kanianthra. She has been shaping the development of young children ever since. She has served with Kalpana at Church Street Montessori until 2020. Laurie is an ardent nature lover and enjoys skiing, biking, and canoeing. Although enjoying retirement now, the Montessori philosophy continues to impress Laurie and serves as a source of inspiration for her. She continues to keep in touch and advises us on administration and other school matters.

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