Nurturing one child at a time
  • A Montessori Preschool/Casa child is arranging flowers - a Montessori Practical Life activity

    Practical Life Activity – Arranging Flowers

  • A Montessori Preschool/Casa child is associating quantities to numerals - a Montessori Math activity

    Math Activity – Counting/Odd-Even Numbers

  • A young Montessori Preschool/Casa child is learning to pour water - a Montessori Practical Life activity

    Practical Life Activity – Pouring Water

  • A well-organized Montessori Preschool/Casa Classroom

    Montessori Preschool/Casa Classroom

  • A Montessori Preschool/Casa Math activity called the Cube Chain

    Math Activity – Cube Chain

  • A Montessori Preschool/Casa child is sewing - a Montessori Practical Life activity

    Practical Life Activity – Sewing/Cross Stitch

  • Montessori Preschool/Casa children are working on the Puzzle Map of the World - A Montessori Geography activity

    Geography Activity – Puzzle Map of the World

  • Montessori Preschool/Casa children are learning leaf shapes - A Montessori Botany activity

    Botany Activity – Leaf Shapes and Names

  • A Montessori Preschool/Casa child is working with the Story Alphabet - A Montessori Language/Writing activity

    Language Activity – Story Alphabet

  • Offering Themed SUMMER CAMPS – July/August 2024

    Extended School Hours (7 am – 6 pm) from July 2024

    Half-day, Full-day and Extended Half-day Programs from July 2024.


    Register by April 5, 2024.

    Please call: 289-234-5454


an authentic Montessori school offering toddler and preschool/casa programs

We are located in the serene Oak Ridges area of Richmond Hill, serving King City, Aurora, Newmarket and Stouffville areas.

We provide…
a caring home-like atmosphere
for children 1.5 to 6 years of age.


We are different from traditional daycare and childcare centers.  Following Dr. Maria Montessori’s method and curriculum and our motto, “Nurturing one child at a time,” we provide individualistic learning for every child.  Our highly experienced, skilled, and caring staff are passionate about nurturing every child to achieve their highest potential.

Opened originally as Bloomington Montessori in 1997, we moved to central Aurora in 2003 as Church Street Montessori and became the 1st AMI Recognized Montessori school in the York Region in 2016. We relocated to Oak Ridges in 2021 as KinderHaus Montessori in a purposely renovated building with a beautiful shaded backyard that is ideal for our children to learn, socialize and play in a home-like setting.

Our seven core values – Integrity, Equality, Dignity, Respect, Compassion, Love, and Harmony – define our school’s identity and purpose and, in addition, reflect our commitment to the Montessori philosophy and holistic development

Our intellectually stimulating learning environments – curriculums, materials and teaching standards – all follow authentic Montessori guidelines.  We are licensed under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014.


We offer a Montessori Toddler (1.5 to 3 years) and a unique Montessori Preschool/Casa program (2.5 to 6 years) that follow AMI curriculums.


Our Casa program is different from others by design. Taking advantage of our unique location in the serene Oak Ridges area of Richmond Hill, we combine our authentic Montessori curriculum with frequent walking trips to nearby parks, nature reserve, post office, bank, and other small businesses to make learning more practical and fun. 


Our Toddler program is not just another daycare program. It is designed to appeal to the children’s natural desire to explore and learn. Guided by our staff, they gain confidence by becoming independent in handling everyday tasks by themselves, communicate clearly, and interact socially. It also prepares them for the next phase of their development.


Our before/after school programs are designed to be different from core Montessori programs so that children can easily differentiate between structured Montessori work cycles and free-play times.

During these times, we give freedom to children to engage in playful physical activities, crafts, and music rather than watching TV or playing video games (we do not have TV or computer gaming devices at school).


  • From 7:00 am to 8:00 am (Toddler)
  • From 7:00 am to 8:20 am (Casa)


  • From 3:20 pm until 6:00 pm (Toddlers)
  • From 3:40 pm until 6:00 pm (Casa)

Please note that we offer unlimited nutritious snacks until the end of school. Rest assured that we will give our children the attention and the much-needed affection they ever so deserve.


  • Church Street Montessori encompasses all the beautiful things the Montessori education promises – nourishment and development of the whole child in a warm and child-centric environment. The teachers here are so remarkable and committed. They are able to embrace each child while providing the guidance and support necessary for their development. This Montessori is a community in the fullest sense; it engages and connects students as well as their families.
    — Jocelyn S,
  • Nothing short of amazing is how I would describe Church Street Montessori. I observed in this wonderful school for a week and saw firsthand how the directresses masterfully guided the children which is both nurturing and challenging. I observed how the warm and purposefully organized classroom invites the children to explore and learn on their own. Church Street Montessori School is rich with beautiful materials, enticing learning choices and masterful guides.
    — Denise Mireles,
    Former AMI Diploma Student,
  • Church Street Montessori has helped our boys grow intellectually and emotionally, well beyond what we would have ever expected from such young children. The school has given each of them an immeasurable head-start as they head toward grade one.
    — Raj and Sofi,
  • ‘Casa’ means home in Italian and my two-year-old certainly felt like walking into a loving, safe home from her first step into Church Street Montessori. She enjoys a truly Montessori environment where she can explore and learn independently. My daughter’s confidence, graciousness, and independence continue to grow every day, as well as her relationships with her peers. Her love of learning is exponential! I couldn’t be happier to have found Kalpana and her team.
    — Christine McNamara,
  • The Montessori approach to learning gave me skills that I continue to use in everyday life. Overall the Church Street Montessori experience truly helped shape me to be the person I am today and I am forever grateful to have had such a positive early learning experience.
    — Morgan Bocknek,
    Former student
    Church Street Montessori
  • Church Street Montessori has provided both of our boys with an enriched, cultured and loving environment. The teachers really know toddlers and exactly what is appropriate for this age and with the small ratio of teacher to children, our children are able to benefit from a lot of that specialized attention. They are true to the Montessori method and our kids are able to take their ‘work’ very seriously while still having fun.
    — Wayne and Heather Hack,


    Our love for children and our passion for nurturing them is beyond what words can describe.  It will be our pleasure to host and care for your little ones. Rest assured that they will be loved and cared for in our home-away-from-home environment.

    Come experience the little haven we have created for children.  We are sure they will be thrilled to be here.  And so will we.


    Observing a classroom is important for understanding the learning environment and how we encourage each child towards learning through sensorial exploration and self-discovery.  Watching the teacher-child interactions will also enable you to assess the skills of our teachers and our commitment to the Montessori method.

    We understand the importance of observing a classroom in action in selecting a school for your children.  We will make every effort to accommodate your visit.  Please contact us to book a tour and arrange for an observation of our learning environment.

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    Nurturing one child at a time
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