Nurturing one child at a time



Culture, presented as an extension of the four other areas of the Montessori curriculum, covers a range of topics such as History, Geography, Biology, Science, Physical Education, and the Arts. These activities aim to cultivate an interest in learning about these topics for further exploration later in their lives. Learning about the world, its nature, people, history, culture, and other forms of life inspires children to be environmentally conscious while respecting all human beings and other forms of life with whom we share this world. Topics such as Art, music, poetry, dance, and sports allow children to enjoy and explore a variety of creative activities.

The Map and Flags of Canada

This child is associating flags with the provinces of Canada.

The Map of USA

This child is working with the puzzle map of USA.

The Map of the World

These two children are working with the puzzle map of the world.

The Sandpaper Globe

This child is having a tactile experience of land and water using the sandpaper globe.


The art in a Montessori classroom integrates creativity with other learning objectives. In this painting activity, the child is attempting to create a map of the world.

Nurturing one child at a time
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