Nurturing one child at a time


Casa Room 1 – View 1

Our bright and organized Casa classrooms with a full set of Montessori materials provide a peaceful, caring, and educationally enriched environment for our 2.5 to 6-year-old children.

Casa Room 1 – View 2

Children are encouraged to move freely within the classroom, choose activities that interest them, and work individually, or in small groups, or with the teacher.  The organization of the classroom allows us to observe each child and nurture each one independently.

Casa Room 2 – View 1

The Montessori curriculum is organized into 5 sections – Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, and Culture.  Our classrooms are also organized in this manner reflecting the curriculum and children have the freedom to choose the activities that interest them.

Casa Room 2 – View 2

The classroom structure also allows the lead teacher to observe the children easily.  Since each section is associated with a subject matter, the Directress can easily understand what the child is working on by seeing where the child is in the classroom. 

Child Sized Shelves

Our entire classroom is organized with child-sized furniture to promote independence and self-confidence.  We strive to achieve this by providing easy access to learning materials and encourage them to move freely in the room to choose activities and learn on their own through exploring those activities.

Practical Life Area

Practical life activities are everyday activities such as ironing, sewing, pouring, etc. These activities are organized in four main areas – care of self, care of the environment, control of movement, and grace and courtesy. These activities help children develop order, concentration, coordination, and independence.

Math Area

Math in a Montessori classroom is also learnt through concrete materials such as beads, number rods, and numeral cards.  Once mastered, children are then introduced to advanced math exercises that require them to associate numerals to quantities in their minds – i.e.,  abstract without needing beads or cards.

Language Area

Language is introduced using touch and tactile-based activities. Alphabets are introduced through meaningful games and tracing letters, then to small phonetic words, and eventually to complex words and sentences. The Casa curriculum also includes advanced grammar and sentence analysis for older children.

Reading Area

A bright area in the classroom with a comfortable couch for our children to sit and read.  The spot is also very visible for our Directress to observe the children during the reading activity.

Writing Nook

Our quiet and cozy writing corner with an attractive desk where children can write undisturbed.

Writing Desk

To enable our children to focus and write, we have set up an inviting desk in a quieter area of our classroom.

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