Nurturing one child at a time



Our aim is to nurture every child, one child at a time, in achieving his or her highest potential.  Our ultimate goal is to provide our children the foundation for their holistic development – nurturing of intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual areas. 

Ensuring the foundation for holistic development at this age is critical for children’s success in life.  It enables them to become well-rounded individuals – i.e., intelligent, creative, independent thinkers who are confident and socially fit to face the challenges in life. We strive to achieve this by offering them enriched, intellectually stimulating learning environments surrounded by an abundance of excellence, respect, independence, love, and harmony.


Our values define our school’s identity, its purpose and reflect our strong commitment to the Montessori philosophy.  Our Code of Conduct defines the principles for conduct and behaviour for everyone in our school community with Equality, Dignity, Respect, Love, and Harmony as core values. We are dedicated to upholding these values in delivering our services to our children, parents, and others associated with our school community.


Our programs are designed to follow authentic Montessori curriculum and our classrooms are purposefully organized with intellectually stimulating as well as physically, and mentally challenging learning activities for children of various age groups.    

Our curriculum, classrooms, and teaching staff/standards meet AMI requirements for quality Montessori school and we are currently seeking AMI Recognition (Church Street Montessori was the 1st AMI Recognized school in the York Region).


“Our work is not to teach, but to help the absorbent mind in its work of development.”
“Our work as adults does not consist in teaching, but in helping the infant mind in its work of development.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori, in her book, “The Absorbent Mind”

Our teachers are experienced, skilled, caring, and compassionate.  Our Directresses and senior staff are AMI trained and have over 30 years of combined Montessori experience.  They share our passion and dedication for nurturing our children the Montessori way – one child at a time.  They are also committed to following our Code of Conduct and upholding our values in caring for and nurturing our children.


“The absorbent mind of the child orients itself in the environment;
so it is necessary to prepare the environment with much care.”
– Dr. Maria Montessori, in her book, “The Absorbent Mind”

Our classrooms are carefully prepared with Montessori materials and activities to provide the foundation for holistic learning.  Montessori curriculum, and therefore the classrooms, are organized in five main areas – practical life, sensorial, math, language, and culture, while they also cater to their social and spiritual development.  Our renovated home with a large backyard is ideal for our children to learn, socialize and play in a home-like setting.


Our location is unique. We are located in the serene Oak Ridges area of Richmond Hill near Ozark Park, the Bond Lake Arena, a Bank, a Retirement Residence, and many other local businesses, including the tranquil Lake Wilcox Fish and Wildlife Refuge. 

Taking advantage of our proximity, our programs include frequent walking trips with children to visit these places thereby making learning more practical and fun.  These trips also offer ample opportunities for our children to expand their general knowledge and social skills.  Combined with the Montessori curriculum, our aim here is to enable our children to develop a keen interest in learning by experiencing what they learn at school in a fun and practical manner.


Our love for children and our passion for nurturing them is beyond what words can describe.  Respect for children is fundamental to the Montessori philosophy and the way we observe and guide them individually towards their holistic development. It will be our pleasure to host and care for your little ones.

Come experience the little haven we have created for them.  We are sure they will be thrilled to be here.  And so will we.

Nurturing one child at a time
90 Lake Ave., Richmond Hill,
Ontario L4E 3G3

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